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RaceDay bag to put ONLY your true needs in an organized place!

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Introducing the BC RaceDay bag featuring the true spirit of the Pro “RainBag”. A zippered pocket labeled for each item a cyclist would need if they were a Professional racing with a team car or going to an event. Each compartment is labeled with suggestive uses for the zippered area. Able to accommodate arm, leg, knee warmers, jacket , rain vest, extra shoes, Helmet, GPS computer, nutrition, gloves the kitchen sink, BUT each category in its own place.This is not a backpack with one huge pocket to lose things. 2 handles and an additional strap to make it easier to ride/travel from the car to the event site.

Best used as THE place to ensure if a pocket is filled you HAVE that item for your activity, race, training day! For RUNNERS, its the perfect bag for raceday organization to ensure you bring the right items, that you usually forget or lose in the thick of last minute planning. Just fill in the pockets and you have your stuff!

Great for the car when training after work, again fill the bag up and your ready to go, like packing your lunch for the day!

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