New for 2016 CUSTOM Team Rainbags

For the past FEW years I’ve been asked to make a true “PRO” rainbag for a few teams.. after some research which involves questioning the team Soigneurs not the riders, this was thier request! A bag for the team car that holds the all essential emergency gear in case of rain, cold or accidents. It sits in the team car and gear is pulled if needed by the mechanic or soigneur when needed. Also makes a great race day bag for the essentials! Since its not a backpack everything has its place! Since its still new, please just inquire for now. More to come!

Sponsored Team

In 2014 for the 4th year BC sponsored the Bissell/Trek U23 Development Team headed by Axel Merckx. Beside using the cyclists to develop and improve our current standard socks, they also tests BC base layers and other products. The team has had its share of success in 2014 and a more than a few riders have graduated to ProTour Teams further making the jump in Pro Cycling. For 2015 the Team changes its name to Axeon Cycling, Stay Tuned for the new socks and more exciting racing from them!

Race Day!

Race Day!

Team Timex is also back on board for 2015. BC will be spullying the Team Timex Triathlon Team with Timex Branded custom race socks for 2015. Performance enhancing lows and mid height to keep athletes moving and feeling great! Look for them on the circuit shortly!timex Christine  020.jpg


The original Carbon HydroTailTM  was literately fine tuned in the wind tunnel as my prototype (that still tested well) broke during a test and when it broke the aero factor became more apparent. My cool looking idea became an aerodynamic advantage for us; no way would this have happened had we just faxed a drawing somewhere and got a finished product. Testing and development lead to great things. Plus the lower bottle position is easy to get to and even easier to get your legs over when getting on you bike! I won’t ever say I invented the concept but certainly brought attention to the cause! For 08′ I introduced the same model in aluminum with upgraded features that users felt would be great additions such as threaded inserts( instead of locking nuts that were an industry first on the carbon HydroTail), more saddle positions and the almighty Cervelo seat post specific model, an industry first again! In 2010 the BLAZE Tail TM was released.

The Blaze Tail take rear hydration to the next level in terms of unlimited positioning to achieve the fastest, easiest and most effective way to grab a drink in flight!