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Home of the Original Hydrotail

Beaker Concepts


Its our passion, what's drive us. It was where we started in 1996, a simple sock idea that grew, was sold and than reincarnated. Our builds our entire sock lines, not just a basic socks with your logo though we do that too, but we develop a line to match your needs, your character, your vision. We are here to enhance perhaps something else you need sell, to make a performance product to accelerate healing or enhance performance. Or maybe just to mark and occasion, we are here to build wonder socks!

Product ideas

In a unique way, hosiery has opened the doors to product development for other things than what would be considered hosiery related. Challenges such as developing a really nice pro level base layer for a pro cycling team, or a sports wallet, we investigate, develop, test ideas. Do they work, are they needed, can they really sell? For some reason people asked and we do it, hence the word” Concepts” in our company name.


In our reincarnation 1st stage we had an idea for a carbon fiber rear hydration carrier for triathlon. Why.. Cause the existing one that top the market was over 10 years old, heavy and not innovative at all. We hit stumbling blocks the whole way but when it came out it set the tone completely for a renewed interest in hydration during a triathlon. Simple ideas, rethought, re-envisioned and executed at the right time. A perfect “concept” While we now license the HydroTail Blaze out to Speedfil, the Original HydroTail Carbon is still out there keeping people hydrated and fueled up for the run!